Holy Crap!


I didn’t witness this.  Only the aftermath.  And I’m still not entirely sure that I have the whole story, which is probably for the best.

After spending the afternoon at Old Sturbridge Village, Tom and Justin brought Robbie back to the house for a nap while Mom, Halaree, Hunter, and I went to the grocery store.  Except Robbie never went to sleep.

Tom and Justin thought he was asleep for a while, and then they heard yelling from upstairs.  The enthusiastic cries of, “Daddy!  Daddy!” finally got their attention and the two men went up to investigate.  They found a very naked, very poopy child.

From what I can gather, the child was covered in poop from his waist down.  And he decided to paint his Pack ‘n Play with whatever poop wasn’t covering his body.  All over the fabric.  You know, the impossible to wash Pack ‘n Play?

I walked in to find Robbie, freshly bathed and Plupped, standing in his Pack ‘n Play while Justin did his best to clean it with a washcloth.  A white washcloth.  And the smell.  Oh, the smell.  It was deeply embedded in the fabric.  Good wife and mother that I am, I kicked the two of them out and went to work with the bleach.  And Mom came in to get the bedding, stuffed animals, and MagnaDoodle.

Somehow, the bottom of the Pack ‘n Play, the blankets, and the toys were all dry before bedtime last night.  Sadly, the smell lingered but seems to have dissipated somewhat tonight.  Why, oh why, aren’t Pack ‘n Plays waterproof or more easily cleaned?


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