And The Drama Continues…


Remember all that big boy bed talk?  Yeah.  Didn’t go well this past weekend.  In fact, all Robbie wanted was to cuddle in our bed.  Saturday night, we finally gave in and cuddled in bed together to watch How to Train Your Dragon.  Justin fell asleep around 9:00, after assuring me that I didn’t need to go turn off all the lights downstairs.  I crashed sometime around 9:30.  Robbie was, once again, the last one in the house asleep.

I moved him into his own room around 10:45 but he was back with us a little after midnight.  The power went out from our first snow storm of the year and it got cold in the house.  And, even though it’s not a habit I’m hoping to keep, it was nice to have him cuddled up with us.  In fact, it was the only way we stayed warm.

And, miraculously, Robbie was open to sleeping in his crib Sunday for a nap.  In fact, he woke up talking about his “fun rest”, and he’s been great about going back in ever since.  Granted, only for two days.  But, I’ll take it.  Because the side rails that go with his bed take ten to twelve weeks to come in.


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