Evening Detour


Some nights you just don’t feel like going home.  Rainy nights in October, with the first snow of the season threatening to take place.  Particularly when the ice pellets are already hitting your windshield.  That was me tonight.  I didn’t want to come home to a dark, empty house.  So, we didn’t.

Robbie and I went to Chuck E. Cheese on our way home tonight.  It just sounded like the perfect thing for a cold, rainy day: bright lights, pizza, music, prize tickets.  And it was.  Just what both of us needed on Friday Eve.

It didn’t take Robbie long to figure everything out.  Tokens, rides, tickets.  I sat at the table with the tokens and he ran back and forth, grabbing a token every time his ride was finished.  I learned my lesson for successful Chuck E. Cheese adventures, though.  Never try to make a child eat there.  Save the pizza for the car ride home.  After all, there’s only so long a kid has to earn ten tickets for three sheets of stickers.


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