It started with Robbie’s second hair cut.  I held off as long as I could, given the disaster of the first one, but it was time.  Today, we ventured to Snip Its, which specializes in children’s cuts.  I hoped that would handle it with a little more class than his first haircut, especially because she gave him bubbles and put his hair into a mohawk.

He didn’t.

Our fun-filled evening continued with a dinner out.  It involved broken crayons, thrown bread, and a bumped head as Robbie was crawling under the table to get back to me.  You know, pretty much the usual.

We really hit full speed at bed time.  Robbie smashed his fingers in the dresser drawer while trying to get his Smurf shirt.  This is after he took off his ‘Ickey Mouse shirt and brought me my dirty Kentucky shirt to put on him.  But, I digress.  The poor child never quite recovered from smashing his fingers.  In fact, he screamed his way through bath time and, when Justin tried to get him dressed for bed, insisted on wearing his Smurf shirt, khakis, socks, and running shoes two sizes two big.

The screaming and crying continues for the next hour and only stopped when Robbie finally confided in me that he was thirsty.  For those of you not new to parenting, you will recognize this as an excuse to escape the bedroom and look for reinforcements.  Which is primarily what Robbie did – he headed straight to Justin and asked for Elmo.  Justin scooted over on the couch and let him climb up.

Eventually, we got him into his “horsey” pajamas (over his Smurf shirt, of course) and into bed with a few books to read to Baby the bat.  And, fortunately, we haven’t heard from him since.  I only hope he still has his clothes on when we go up…


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