Getting Home – One Mistake at a Time


It was supposed to be a simple thing – getting home.  And it probably would have been – if I had known the time for my flight.  I was sure it was a 5:40 flight.  Positive.  Until we were halfway to Louisville.  All of a sudden, it hit me that I might have had a 5:20 flight.  Of course we hit traffic.  And arrived at the airport at 5:00, barely on time for a 5:40 flight.

Unfortunately, my flight was not at 5:40.  It was not at 5:20.  It was at 5:17.  And we did not make it.  In case you’ve been thinking about missing a flight, don’t.  It’s $75 per ticket to rebook your mistake.  Unless you cry.  Then it’s only $75 total.

Robbie must have known something was up.  He was perfectly behaved.  Didn’t even get out of his seat.  Even gave me some hugs.  And he didn’t go to sleep.  At all.  But it was fun.  I felt like I had someone to really enjoy an adventure with, especially because Robbie is still so totally into planes and flying.  In fact, every day this week, Robbie has told me that he wants to go fly because it’s fun to go zoom.  Duh.

I’ll be honest (when am I not?); I initially didn’t handle this missed flight well.  I was envisioning getting home at 2:00 in the morning, another three-hour layover, and $150 in Erin-is-an-idiot fees.  But it worked out for the best.  Our flight out of Cleveland was delayed, so we only got home thirty minutes later.  We also didn’t have confirmed seats on our second flight, so…  We might not have gotten home Monday night at all.  There’s a reason for everything, and we got home in one piece.  So, lesson learned.  At least until the next time I miss a flight.


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