Daddy’s Things…


Justin’s keys, watch, and ring went missing sometime on Sunday.  They were still missing on Monday.  And on Tuesday.  Fortunately, I pay attention to everything Justin does and noticed that he took my keys when we drove to dinner Sunday night.  When I left the house Monday morning, I doubled back to leave Justin a spare car key.  I could only imagine the panic that would set in if he didn’t find his keys and had to get Robbie to daycare, Hilary and her friend to the airport, and himself to the gym.

As the days passed without any sign of his items, Justin grew increasingly frustrated, sure that they would never be found again.  I’m not quite sure where he thought they would be, but he just knew that they had left the house.

Now, I don’t know where the inspiration came from, but on Tuesday it occurred to me a new hiding spot for Justin’s beloved possessions.  It occurred to me that we needed to find all of my purses and search them.  You may remember that Robbie puts anything he needs when he leaves the house in my purse.  Unfinished cups of milk, peeled bananas, cars, Smurfs, bananas.  So, why not keys, a ring, and a watch?  After all, those are the things Justin takes with him when he leaves the house, and everyone knows the stuff you need goes into the purse.

It took Justin about twenty minutes to find my brown purse.  As he started to go through the pockets of my purse, he uncovered his keys.  And his watch.  And his ring.  All tucked carefully inside, where he would be sure to have them if we left the house with the purse.  Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?


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