Apple Picking Adventures


It wouldn’t be fall without apple picking.  And it wouldn’t be apple picking without Aunt Hilary.  We headed to central Massachusetts to Sholan Farms for a little adventure.  Last year, Robbie had just learned to walk when we went to the orchard and he had a blast teetering around on the uneven ground.  But he didn’t really get the whole apple picking thing.

Buddy, he got it yesterday.  Robbie made a beeline for the trees, reaching up to grab his first apple.  After all, you forget that ping guo is his favorite food.  He knew EXACTLY what was going on.  And he couldn’t get them in the bag fast enough.

Everything is more fun with Aunt Hilary around.

Even running down the rows of the trees is more exciting with a super fabulous aunt to chase.

He did manage to sit still enough to let Justin and me hold him up for a few apples, too.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep Robbie from trying to sink his pearly whites into every single apple he picked.  This did, however, make for a great excuse to make an apple crisp, which proved to be delicious.



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