A Weekend Away


I’m sure you’ve all been dying for an update on my life, since I’ve been gone for five days.  Over the weekend, Justin and I went to Durham, North Carolina, for a wedding.  You read that right.  Justin and I.  Robbie did not go.  He stayed with Zhining for the weekend, which I think was the best way to go for all of us.

Apparently, it was definitely the best way to go for Robbie.  When we got to Zhining’s house on Monday morning to pick him up, he refused to come with us.  He and Zhining were ready for a walk and he wanted absolutely no part of coming home with us.  After all, with a weekend like his, why would he want to leave?

Chinatown for lunch on Saturday with his best friend Addie and her parents – you know, all the delicious foods that his parents refuse to feed him.  Chinese church and Sunday school on, well, Sunday.  Chinese opera rehearsal.  Yes.  He went to a Chinese opera rehearsal.  And he practiced, singing right along with the rest of the company.

Eventually, after a walk around the block, Robbie agreed that we could unbuckle him from the stroller.  Even then, he wasn’t quite sure what to do with us.  It was a full hour before we got a real hug and kiss from him.  And then he asked for ‘Neanne.  Of course…


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