Chinese Pearls of Wisdom


Yesterday, I drove Zhining to Chinatown for some meetings.  On the way back, she informed me that Justin and I would probably have a boy when we have our second child.  I asked her to please elaborate on this.  Here is, basically, her response:

“QiQi look like boy.  He act like boy.  QiQi is all boy.  You will have boy.  My son look like girl when little.  Act like girl.  Big song like girl (Big song is how Zhining refers to screaming; it just sounds nicer, doesn’t it?).  So, I have Lily.  YanYan look like girl.  Little like girl.  Act like girl.  YanYan’s parents will have girl.  MeiMei look like boy.  Act like boy.  Her parent’s will have boy.”

I looked at Zhining incredulously, trying to navigate the car through the rain while taking this all in.  Hoping that I was going to be able to keep a straight face for the conversation.  Just for clarification, I asked, “So, you are telling me that “the boy” is strong within us?  And we will only create boys?”

Zhining looked at me very seriously and said, “Yes.  Absolutely.  You will have boy.”

And then, as she settled back in her seat, “But, you understand.  This not 100%.  Cannot guarantee.”  Of course not…


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