Big Boy!


After watching Saturday morning cartoons in bed with Justin and myself for an hour, Robbie told us that he had to poop.  Not entirely sure what to do with this piece of information, Justin and I just stared at each other.  Then we jumped into action, Justin grabbing Robbie under his armpits and me dashing down the stairs to have the potties ready.  Yes.  He has two options.  His little potty and a seat for the regular toilet.

Justin tried to demonstrate how to make the poop come out on demand, which earned a few chuckles from Robbie.  After a few minutes of standing around without much happening, Justin and I left Robbie sitting on the toilet to conduct a few pressing Saturday morning activities.  Justin had a cup of coffee to make and I needed to check my Word Feud games.  And then it happened.

Justin went in to check on Robbie’s progress and found that our genius child had pooped in his potty.  And, wait!  That’s not all.  He’d peed, too.  And, yes.  I was tempted to take a picture for posterity’s sake but managed to stop myself.  There were high fives all around, and, as I was telling Robbie how he would finally get to flush the toilet because he had pooped, Justin flushed it for him.  So much for that reward…


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  1. My mother-in-law got mad at me for not taking a picture of Ben’s “production” the one and only time he has pooped in the potty. I don’t feel bad.

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