Lessons in Ice Cream


Ice cream is ice cream, right? A delicious frozen treat no matter how it is served? Not necessarily. Especially when one Robert Gaetano Manna is involved.

In the past, we’ve had melt downs (pun totally intended) over ice cream when Justin shared his vanilla-based ice cream and I didn’t share my coffee-based ice cream. I figured I would stay ahead of the game this time by ordering a kid’s scoop of coffee cookie ice cream in a cup. The sizes are generous, and I got an extra cup and spoon. It was perfect. Robbie, Justin, and I would all sit around and enjoy our treat.

Except Robbie didn’t want his ice cream. He told me it was yucky and tried to throw it. I was confused; the entire way down, Robbie had been talking about ‘cream. He didn’t want any sort of taste of the deliciousness. After five minutes, I was ready to lose my mind. Who has a two-year-old throw a temper tantrum while out for ice cream?

And then, as I looked around to point out all the kids being good with their ‘cream, it occurred to me. They were all being good with their ‘cream CONES. I bolted to the counter, grabbed a cone, and spooned the ice cream into it. And to my immediate left? A very happy little boy, grinning from ear to ear. He looked at me as I offered the cone and said, “‘Cream, Mama. Tank you.”

Lesson learned. Ice cream in bowls is for babies and grown-ups. Kids eat ice cream in cones. And, since I don’t have a baby any more, I’ll be ordering an extra cone from now on.


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