Dog Parks and Lobster and Arcades, Oh My!


We took Robbie from one shore to the other on Saturday. No, we didn’t travel to California. We went from the South Shore to the North Shore. I think it’s an event best described in pictures…

We walked the mile loop, and the dogs swam. Then we found the hill… The dogs took off up the incline, with Robbie quickly following. He managed to make it up with minimal help from Uncle CaCa (Micah). He held Micah’s hand for a few minutes when it got rough, but he really wanted to do it on his own.

There was a big hill, and Robbie had a blast running up and down it.

And Justin tried to show him how to role down the hill.

It wasn’t very successful. Robbie had more fun going down the hill with Aunt Allie.

And climbing back up again.

When Robbie needed a break for some water, he felt like he needed a space. Rob took off down the hill and across a field to find a place to sit and have a little peace and quiet.

After the dog park in Hingham, it was off to New Hampshire for a little lobster at Markey’s and ice cream at Dunlap’s. Robbie liked the experience so much that he wanted to be a part of the ice cream.

And, yes. There was more. We headed to Joe’s Playland for a little arcade fun. Now, Robbie’s been there three times, and he knows how this works. He puts the quarter in, presses the buttons, and collects the tickets. And he gets the adults in his life to pour all their money into the machines to win him a new Cookie Monster and an Elmo. And then he falls asleep in the car, only to have his terrible mother making him take a bath at 11:00 at night.

Yeah. It was a full day.


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