Too Dangerous


Remember how I told you about the girl from daycare whose father pulled her out? Yeah. More has come to light on that. It turns out, the father didn’t actually see Robbie do anything to his daughter. He saw Rob pull another girls hair and push her, which is, in my opinion, much less egregious. It’s nowhere near as terrible as a face clawing.

One of Zhining’s policies is that she only gives a deposit back if she is given two weeks notice. This girl’s parents pulled her out in one day, so they do not get their deposit back, which did not sit well with the father. Apparently, he sent Zhining an email saying that he pulled his daughter for her own safety because my son was so dangerous that he shouldn’t be in daycare.

Now, my response to this is somewhat mixed. I don’t think my son is malicious. Or dangerous. I do, however, think he is a 22-month-old acting out in pretty typical ways. I don’t like those ways, and we’re working on that. What I hate is that we’re going to be “that” family for them. The ones who ruined daycare. The parents who have no control over their child.

Justin was a little more concise in his response: he burst out laughing. It was the most ridiculous thing he’d ever heard. And I wish that had been my response. I’m thankful that Zhining also feels the entire thing is stupid and that the problem lies with the parent and not Robbie. She told me today that she thinks the problems will just continue because the little girl has been enrolled in an unlicensed daycare. Best wishes for that family. I really hope there aren’t any children “too dangerous for daycare” there. Surely no one bites, hits, pulls hair, or shoves in that setting…


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