Three Scares


Every time we go somewhere, my stepdad tells us he gets three scares. Apparently, Robbie got the message from Pops loud and clear today. Fortunately, he only gave me two scares instead of three. I’m not sure I could have taken the third.

After we got home from the gym, Robbie, Barkley, and I started off for a walk around the block. We stopped to talk to our next-door-neighbor who was out doing yard work. Within minutes, Robbie had run down the street back towards our house. And then he was headed for the street. Now, we live right across the street from a grocery store, so things get pretty busy. I dropped the leash and my phone and dashed after him. I’m not sure what scared Robbie more – the fact that I was so upset he’d been out in the street or that a stranger was holding his dog’s leash.

We recovered from the event nicely, having dinner and bath time and reading some books. Then it was time for a little Elmo. It started off simply enough, but then Robbie reached for the cat who was jumping off the bed. And followed him. Even though he’s big enough that slipping off the bed isn’t a big deal, it’s still a decent way to the ground. I couldn’t tell you the last time I jumped off the bed that fast. He was up and cuddled in my arms in seconds. Within a minute, he popped his head off my shoulder, smiled at Justin and me, and said, “Ready, Mama. Watch. Elmo.”

Some days I think a girl would have been so much easier… But I’m a teacher. And I know how it gets once middle school hits. I think I’ll pay in advance with a rambunctious toddler. Remind me of this tomorrow.


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