Daycare Drama


Zhining hit me with the news on Friday afternoon. One of the girls from daycare wouldn’t be coming back, partially because of my son. The little girl stopped sleeping through the night when she started going to daycare. As the father was talking to Zhining about it, Robbie walked up to her, and smacked her in the face. I. Was. Horrified.

Zhining assured me that it was just what kids do, and I know she’s right. After all, I’ve watched Robbie’s best friend at daycare slam him into the side of a crib. I’ve watched Rob play with the boys – anything goes. But that doesn’t make it any better when I find out my kid’s doing it at daycare. To make matters worse, as Zhining and I were talking about what happened, Robbie walked up to the little girl, grabbed her face, and started squeezing. Then, after I managed to untangle his fingers from her face, he slammed his bag of snacks onto the top of her head.

I’ll be honest, this has happened at home. A lot. We’ve tried talking to him about it, but it doesn’t do any good. And I will not be the mother who sounds like a broken record saying, “No, Robbie. We don’t do that. No, Robbie. That’s not very nice.” So, we had a family meeting and explained the new procedure to Robbie. Any time he tries to bite, hit, or pinch, we will tell him no – once. After that, it’s time for a swat on the legs. When he does anything else, we’ll tell him no once and then it’s a time out. So far, we’re doing OK. Rob seems to have a grasp on consequences, and everyone’s been happy at home. And daycare.


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