Tuesday Night Dinners


Every Tuesday night, we have dinner with Micah and Allie. Dinner is really the excuse we put out to the public; it’s really a cover for watching Secret Life of the American Teenager and Make It or Break It. You know, classic ABC Family staples. Robbie joins us for dinner, and then it’s bedtime in the Pack ‘n Play in the guest room.

Seems simple, right? Put a few toys in the Pack ‘n Play, and eventually Robbie will go to sleep, right? That’s what we thought. Until it was time for us to leave. Justin went in to get him and found the havoc that had been wreaked by our beloved son. The floor was littered with Micah’s socks and underwear, the dresser drawer pulled out and hanging at an awkward angle. His toys were strewn across the floor. The blanket on the bed had been dragged across the bed, and the backpacks on the bed had fallen to the floor.

Then my eyes wandered to my child, sitting in his empty Pack ‘n Play. Upon hearing us, he turned and said, “Cheese!” And then he lifted up Allie’s camera and uber-fabulous lens. Yes, he had been very thorough, using the blanket to move the camera case within his grasp and somehow opened the latch.

Fortunately, there was no damage to the camera and Micah’s unmentionables were easily refolded. But, we now have nowhere to keep Robbie that involves keeping any of Micah and Allie’s items safe. Several months ago, he reached all of their files on the shelf and resorted them. It’s days like this that I miss my little baby – you know, the one who couldn’t reach anything from his crib. Or, better yet, the one who just went to sleep instead of finding something to break…


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