Back in the fall, I had seven cavities filled. Seven. In two of my back molars, they had to drill all the way down to the nerve and told me that I was just biding time until a root canal. On top of that, I grind my teeth. Compound all of that, and you have a major toothache. Well, actually, I have a major toothache.

It got so bad tonight that even pain relievers weren’t working. Tylenol. Aleve. I resorted to Googling “toothache remedies.” There are some real nut jobs out there. And people with terrible teeth. One of my favorites? “Put the clove on the tooth that aches. Or, if you can, in the rotting or decaying tooth.” Really? If I have a hole in my tooth big enough to put a clove of anything in it, don’t expect me to admit it here. Or at least not on a public forum where I don’t have trusted readers…

At any rate… If you’re ever in the same position, I recommend using vanilla extract. It actually works. My toothache is gone. My headache is gone. And I feel remotely human again.


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