I never planned – or wanted – to have a child enthralled with Elmo. Ever. Sure, I have cats and a dog named after Sesame Street. But, Elmo the cat is actually my least favorite. And Elmo has now infiltrated our lives.

I don’t personally have the words for all the Elmo that has taken over our lives… Perhaps it’s best to just show it in pictures.

Robbie picked out his own Elmo shoes at Marshall’s this week.

Wanting to be a good boy and have his picture taken, Robbie grabbed his Elmo book and hopped on the potty.

The most recent additions involve a chicken dance Elmo and a dancing/story telling Elmo. Both are a hit, especially now that Robbie has learned how to make them work. But, I’ll be honest, I like that he has something special that interests him. Between Elmo, cars, trains, and planes, Robbie has some things that he’s interested in. For a long time, I just bought toys that I thought he would like, and he never really played with them. Now that I can focus on something he loves, it makes picking out surprises that much more fun. Now, if only there was some place to put all the other toys…


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