Walking the Walk


Robbie, Barkley, and I went for a walk around the block this morning. It took us nearly 45 minutes. Robbie picked up every piece of mulch, tossed every rock, and walked up every front walk. He threw his hat up in the air and ran the other way when I leaned down to pick it up. Robbie helped hold the leash. He raced up the hill on the third leg of the block. He tried to help carry the dog bag after Barkley pooped but declared it to “tinky” after closer inspection.

Barkley helped along the way by stopping to sniff every tree and light post. He stepped on and around his leash. He purposefully ran the opposite direction of Robbie after the “throw-the-hat-and-run” game. And I thought it was so tough when it was Barkley and the stroller… I had no idea what was coming down the pike.

It’s afternoons like this that make me realize why I need an hour at the gym before coming home for dinner and bath time. I can’t keep up with my kid. He makes me tired and frazzled (and exceedingly happy). But, in all candor, it takes less energy to run five miles than it does to chase my kid around the block…


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