While we were at the mall this afternoon, finding out that my computer is so outdated it’s “practically obsolete” (to quote the Apple Genius), Justin picked up a Diet Coke. Robbie, now old enough to decide what he wants, waited patiently for Justin to offer him a drink. When Justin didn’t, Robbie pointed at the cup and said, “Want. Want.” Justin dutifully handed over the cup. And never got it back.

Robbie held on to the cup all the way to the car and then all the way to dinner. At one point, I looked back to find that Robbie had finished the drink, taken the lid off, and fished out a piece of ice. He put it in his mouth, sucked on it for a minute, took it out, and proclaimed it, “Nummy!” Then he offered it to me… I’ll have to admit, it wasn’t half bad.


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