Stained Glass


There’s something about March that makes the weeks drag by. Maybe it’s the gray skies. The fact that there isn’t a single day off. The lingering threat of snow. And this week was really no exception.

That’s why today was so important. No work for Justin or me, but daycare for Robbie. We made plans to take a stained glass class in Portsmouth and had a hard time getting a babysitter. After all, who actually wants to be watching a toddler at 8:30 in the morning? I barely do, and he’s my kid. I asked Zhining if her daughter might want to babysit, and Zhining told me to just bring Robbie to her house for the day. Are you kidding me? Do I have the most amazing daycare provider or what?

Justin and I bought a Groupon for a stained glass class in Portsmouth, NH, and weren’t quite sure what to expect. We were tired of going to movies or out to eat. We needed to do something together, and I love him for doing something that I would like, for stepping out of his comfort zone. After nearly running out of gas in Georgetown, MA, we got to the class a few minutes late. There were three other women in the class; my poor husband.

We scored class. We broke glass in straight lines and curves. And then we got our projects: clear glass circles. It wasn’t quite what I pictured. I thought lots of colors. There weren’t a lot of options for how to cut and design it, but I’m pretty happy with how our projects turned out. We got to use glass grinders and metal pushpins to hold the project together. I’ll be honest; I didn’t understand why we needed special pushpins. Until we brought out the soldering iron. Then it all made sense.


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