We are very into oral hygiene. Mostly since Robbie discovered his teeth. As soon as he sees anything to do with teeth, he starts shouting, “Teeth! Teeth!” He cannot be trusted in the bathroom. I have to admit… I’ve pulled Justin’s toothbrush from Robbie’s grasp (and mouth) more than once. I’m not sure Justin actually knows this.

Tonight we reached a new level with Robbie’s teeth. As soon as he got out of the tub, he immediately reached for his toothbrush and began cleaning his mouth. He offered to brush our teeth, which is getting harder and harder to decline as Robbie gets stronger (and grows longer arms). The brushing lasted a good five minutes; Rob is nothing if not thorough.

But don’t think it ended there. Oh, no. My dear child took his toothbrush upstairs while I put his pajamas on. And then he found his other toothbrush on his dresser. So, there I was: barely diapered child double-fisting toothbrushes and footies to put on. Luckily, Robbie was amenable to holding two toothbrushes in one hand for a few minutes. He was not, however, willing to drop either of them for story time and cuddling. This proved to be difficult, as one of us was getting stabbed with a toothbrush at any given moment.

I was somewhat concerned that he’d fall asleep, both brushes in hand. Actually, I was hoping for it. It would have made a great picture. But, I was not to be so lucky. Robbie was extremely irritated that I would dare put him to bed, and he angrily threw both toothbrushes to the ground in protest. And, yes, I picked them up, rinsed them off, and plan to use them again tomorrow.


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