Thumbs Up, Dude!


This has been a horrible long winter, and the last week was particularly difficult for me. The days were interminable; I couldn’t even think of anything positive enough to blog on a regular basis. It seemed like spring would never come and my child would never do anything blog-worthy again. But then today came.

We slept with the windows open last night. The sun came out and the sky was bright and clear all afternoon. The snow melted from the front yard. And the back yard. And the circular driveway at daycare, which hasn’t been cleared since late December. It was as good as spring. Except for the 35 degrees. But who am I to complain?

The afternoon just kept getting better: Justin was home for dinner and bath time, something that rarely happens with his work and school schedule. Robbie, however, wasn’t quite sure what to do with both of us home; he spent most of the time before dinner glued to my side. When bath time hit, though, all bets were off. It was all about Daddy.

Robbie thinks Justin is hilarious, especially during bath time. Justin has all sorts of good tricks up his sleeve; one favorite is “opposable thumbs”, where Justin shows Robbie how thumbs work. Today, we thought we’d try to teach Robbie how to give a thumbs up. He gets the idea. But he seems to confuse giving a thumbs up with hitching a ride…


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