Spring Fever


I don’t know about you, but I need spring. Like I’ve never needed it before. Open windows. Flowers. Blue skies. Family walks. Grilling out. But, as I fantasize about spring, the snow is still refusing to melt in my front yard. I picked across an ice-covered parking lot and even more treacherous sidewalks to get into school this morning. There was a little hope, though. About an inch of it. The crocuses have started to come up in the front yard. All 120 of them.

I’ll hold on to that little bit of hope as long as it takes. Otherwise, I’ll just focus on the cold I haven’t been able to shake. Or the laundry. Or the toys that litter the floor. Or how fast the water spreads across the kitchen floor when Robbie dumps out the entire water bowl. Very quickly, by the way.

I”m sorry there’s not more to write… My processing is so slow. The other day, while cooking, I had the following thought process: “My thumb hurts. The pan is hot. I need to move my thumb.” I am hardly present enough during the day to think of anything to blog about at night. But, that’s all going to change tonight. Tonight, I am getting ten hours of sleep. Tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be healthy and well and positive. And tomorrow we will all be one day closer to those crocuses blooming.


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