Roberto loves to color. Especially all over his face, which is what he did this morning with my eyeliner while Justin was in the shower. You’ve seen than he loves to color all over his face with Sharpie when he can find one. And today, something I’ve been waiting for for a long time happened. Robbie really discovered coloring on paper.

Sure, he’s colored on paper before, but he usually loses interest after a few strokes of the pen. Or crayon. Or eyeliner. You get my drift. Not today, though.

When I got to daycare today, Robbie ran to the door to greet me and then took off to the back room. Zhining told me to come back and see what QiQi was up to. I ventured back, and stood in the doorway to watch for a few minutes. There was my son, seated at a table, coloring a picture for me.

I watched quietly for a few minutes and then Robbie turned around to see if I was watching, with that big grin spread across his face. He turned around and went back to coloring. After all, you can’t leave daycare for the weekend without finishing your clown.

Maybe you’ll think it’s silly, but for the past 17 months I’ve seen the artwork for the big kids waiting by their bags to go home to proud parents and hang on the refrigerator. I thought about the day Robbie would color a picture for me. And it finally happened. I have my picture. And it’s a creepy clown…


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