Terrible Eighteen-and-a-Half-Months?


My child is driving me crazy. Bonkers. Nuts. I am losing my mind. He threw a temper tantrum while trying to get dressed this morning. He came home and threw a temper tantrum. That may have had something to do with dumping a cup of cold hot chocolate over his head. When did he get big enough to reach the counter?

And then the dog food… Robbie, for some reason, is convinced that the dog food should always be put in the water dish. He does it everywhere we go. Tonight, he managed to get all of the food in the dish before I noticed.

But Barkley didn’t seem to mind.

And neither did Grover.

I was so frustrated with Robbie today… Between dog food and spilled drinks and dumping water out of the tub and screaming… It was all I could do to hold it together. And then he wouldn’t go to sleep. I needed to, somehow, recoup my bad mom moments of the past few days. So up I went with a bottle of milk. I grabbed Rob, his giraffe Moo, and his blanket, and we went into my room to lie down. We cuddled for an hour. Rob drank his bottle, I rubbed his back, he gurgled and whispered to me (when did he learn to whisper?). I apologized for being terrible. And then I put Robbie back into his bed where he fell fast asleep. Just like that, the day was saved, and I feel centered and like at least a tolerable mom.


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