Boy Time


I’ll be honest (when am I ever not?). It’s been a long, long weekend. I’m exhausted, and I’ve tried to write this post about five times. Perhaps it’s best to just do it in pictures… I have great video to include, but my computer is currently not recognizing my phone…

Today was a play date with Robbie’s three birthday buddies.

Things got a little crazy when the Legos were dumped all over the floor. Max even started a swimming expedition in them!

Although he had a good time playing with everyone else, Rob needed a few minutes to himself to just be one with the toys.

Unfortunately, no one could go outside to play. They just licked the window and played hide-and-seek with the curtains instead.

The boys had a dance party, too. I’ve never seen anything quite like it… And I’ll do my best to get the video of it up tomorrow, so make sure to check back!


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