I’m a nerd. As soon as I heard about the show at Fenway, I knew I had to have tickets. My good friend Louisa said she wanted to come up for the show 04 June, but it was sold out before we even thought about making the plans. And then the announcement that they were going to do a show at Fenway. I had to have tickets. And I was extremely prepared to make sure that I had the tickets as soon as the American Express pre-sale began.

Too prepared. Entirely too prepared. I got through immediately and bought four tickets in the section closest to the stage. I couldn’t believe my luck and immediately sent out an email to call off the other ticket purchasers. But it was too late. Thirty seconds later, I got another confirmation email for four more tickets. My friend Amy was trying to go through with our card as well. Three minutes later, Louisa’s mom sent an email saying that she, too, managed to get four tickets.

So, if you did the math, you’d know that we have twelve tickets to the concert. And I was worried we might not get any! The great news is that now my friend Julia and her sister are going to go, too. And we can sell the four expensive tickets on StubHub! It’s going to be a.mah.zing. So much better than the first time I saw either the New Kids (when I was ten) or the Backstreet Boys (when I was twenty and still technically too young to drink). Let the countdown to 11 June begin!

And a VERY happy birthday to my favorite little seester! I hope it’s even more fabulous than you dreamed. I love you!

I am also a terrible mother for not wishing Robbie a very happy 18 months. What a day!


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