So Thirsty!


Apparently I don’t give my son enough to drink. You wouldn’t know it by the soaked pajamas and super-saturated diapers (you know you’re impressed with the science word). But, apparently it’s true.

We got home around 5:45 today (I “ran” 3.5 miles today for the first time in probably three months!) and started getting dinner together as soon as we let Barkley out. I looked down while cutting my broccolini (FABULOUS stuff – thinner than broccoli) to find Robbie sucking on a paper towel. That he had soaked in the dog bowl. Really? You’re so thirsty that you had to drink from the dog bowl?

Now, once I got past the gross-out factor, I had to admit that I was impressed. Robbie got the paper towels down from the counter, tore one off more neatly than I would have, and balled it up to put in the dog dish. I’m not sure if it was mere coincidence or if Robbie realized this would be a good way to get water.

You’d think we hadn’t given Robbie anything to drink at dinner (he had a whole cup of water that he barely touched). As soon as he got in the tub, he started drinking the bath water. Yes. Bath water. Disgusting, soapy, luke-warm bath water. Classy.


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