When I find someone I like, I stick with them. We have incredible people for anything we need. Roof repairs? Sewage in the basement? Call Kevin. House dirty? Mercedes is your woman. Want to get rid of junk? Call Leon. Need a bi-lingual daycare? Want to get bossed around by a crazy Chinese lady? Call Zhining. And I’ll recommend these people without hesitation to anyone (as I’m shamelessly doing right now).

But I hold grudges, too. I will never do business with Bank of America after they closed all of my accounts and told me I was a “liability” to their bank. (Justin deposited a check into my new account, neither one of us realizing that his name wasn’t on the account.) I tried to buy a dryer from Lowe’s, which took six hours and three trips to the store. And several phone calls. And two weeks. We’re Home Depot all the way. And then there’s Sears.

Sears is in a category all its own. I have NEVER had a good experience at Sears. Well, there was one. At the Sears Auto Center when I bought tires. The first time I went to Sears, I tried to buy a washer and dryer (always a problem with dryers for me…). The sales guy wasted an hour of my time and I wasn’t able to get the washer and dryer I wanted. A few years (and 1500 miles) later, I went to a Sears in Burlington. When it was my turn to pay, I made my way up to the cashier. She looked at me and snapped, “Move back. I’m not ready for you yet.” Last year, I bought tires at Sears and received a $50 gift card, which I used to purchase a new camera. The salesman forgot to send my purchase to the merchandise pick-up, and it took an extra thirty minutes for me to get my camera. We’ll come back to this momentarily. And last week, I went to get my oil changed and tires rotated (free, since I purchased my tires there). It took over two and a half hours because my car sat untouched for almost an hour. The was, fortunately, rectified by the gentleman I bought the tires from. He decreased my bill by $80 (I was also having my engine cleaned and getting a new air filter).

And then there was tonight. The camera that I bought last year has broken, but, thankfully I purchased the extended warranty. The salesman told me that I’d be able to get a new camera if anything happened to mine. Well, his bad service continued today. That’s not what he sold me. He sold me the ability to mail my camera back to Canon to wait two weeks to have it repaired. In an effort to appease me, the saleslady told me she could give me $60 towards a new camera if Canon decided not to fix it. Yeah. Won’t be going back to Sears. Ever. In any state.


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