Bourbon Trail


I don’t like to think of myself as one of those mom’s who arrives at her parents’ house and doesn’t do anything to take car of her child until she’s on her way home. But I am. I haven’t gotten Robbie up in the morning since last Thursday (actually, he got me up pointing to Barkley’s eyes and nose at the other end of the bed). Come to think of it, that is the only time in his life that Robbie has slept with us all night. But back to me being a dedicated mother…

When we come home, Mom puts Justin and me in the basement bedroom. This allows us to escape completely from the sounds of a little boy early in the morning. I tell myself she doesn’t get the opportunity to do this often, so really I’m doing her the favor. Right…

Then there are days like today, where I sleep an hour later than my son. Days like today where I’m not the one feeding him breakfast or, for that matter, doing anything with him. Days like today, I’m headed out for some fun on my own and leaving Robbie at home with Nona. And, being the excellent mother that I am, I have a phone that dies at approximately 10:45. Justin’s died around 1:00. Fortunately, I knew Robbie was in the hands of someone far more patient and capable than I. This is why I found it perfectly acceptable to travel the Bourbon Trail all day today with Tom (stepdad extraordinaire) and Justin.

Maker’s Mark was our first stop, and it was incredible! There were fresh baked cookies in the kitchen. Everything was hands on (yes, I sampled the different stages of bourbon by sticking my hand right in the vat). Justin and I both dipped our own bottles. It’s pretty evident whose is whose. The dipper lady told me that the “professionals” aim to have between 5 and 7 drips on a bottle. I had six. Justin had one. But it went all the way down the bottle. The one I dipped is for Robbie’s 21st birthday.

Does that count as another strike against me? I didn’t get up with Robbie (1). I didn’t feed him breakfast or get him dressed (2). I left him all day (3). My phone died two hours after I left (4). I’m already planning his 21st birthday. Nah, I won’t count that one. I will count the fact that I didn’t change a diaper all day (although that may just be really smart parenting).

None of the other distilleries measured up to Maker’s Mark… But we went to all of them: Jim Beam, Heaven Hill (OK, we just drove past it), Four Roses, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve. It’s hard to believe that I lived in Kentucky for over 23 years and never did this. It’s even harder to believe that it took 31 years for me to realize there are tourist attractions in my state!


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