What Did You Say?


We survived the ride home in relative silence yesterday.


We found the noise preferable to constantly pulling over to readjust the luggage rack. It also drowned out any fussing that Robbie might have done (not entirely sure that he did any!). And it meant that Justin and I sat in the car without listening to music or talking to each other. For nine hours.

Even now that I’ve been out of the car for twelve hours, I can still hear the ringing in my ears from the luggage rack. As one friend put it, it sounded like we were sitting on the engine of a small plane. Hopefully, we’ll remedy the situation before heading home. Mom already has a few suggestions for things that might make it better. And she usually knows best.

I’m feeling much more human now that I’ve slept for ten hours. Rob seems to be adjusting to life outside of his car seat, although I am a little concerned about him going through movie withdrawal. That’s all he did for 17 hours in the car. Movie after movie after movie. I’m a little worried about how easily he zones out in front of a screen, but I’m willing to overlook that and exploit it during travel.

Now that we’re finally home, it feels so good to just be. Sure, our room is a disaster. Some of my presents came unwrapped. One of them broke (my loving seester went out last night and found a replacement for me). Justin lost (and found) his wallet. But we’re here. Now it’s just time to relax, enjoy family, give some presents, and relish in just how wonderful life can be. Because it sure is fantastic.

Happy Christmas Eve!


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