Monday, Monday


Who needs Mondays? Other than half a dozen holidays during the year and my birthday every six years or so, they really don’t do me any good. Particularly when they start thirty minutes before my alarm goes off after only six hours of sleep. Today was doomed to be a fail. Maybe not an epic fail, but still far below the passing line.

My day actually started at 12:38 when Robbie woke up crying. I still don’t know what he wanted because he fell back asleep before I could give him his bottle. Fortunately, I was able to quickly fall back asleep. No such luck for the 5:23 wake-up call, which Justin dutifully answered. He brought Robbie back to our room (I’m still not really sure about the thought process there), where Robbie proceeded to fuss, pull my hair, head-butt Justin, smack my face, and drop a full bottle of water on me. Twice. I just didn’t have the energy to do much about it, so I turned on Peter Pan, which Robbie did not want to watch.

I finally got out of bed at 6:30 (that extra hit on the snooze button was a real waste because that’s when the bottle of water landed on me). I went through my morning routine successfully, even finding a matching pair of black dress socks. I took that to be a sign of my impending good fortune because, honestly, who finds that on a Monday morning?

Unfortunately, my auspicious morning only lasted about five minutes. I walked into the dining room shortly after I finished getting dressed to look for my shoes (I think; I could have been looking for anything). And then I felt it on my right foot. Startled, I stepped back with my left foot. Right into a huge puddle of dog pee. Lovely. Just lovely.

Already running late (remember it was a Monday AND I hit the snooze button an extra time – double whammy), I left Justin in charge of the mess and dashed upstairs to find another pair of socks. For those of you concerned about the small details (as I would be), I did take the soiled socks off before my stair dash. Unfortunately, there were no good socks to be found in my sock drawer. There were gloves, running socks, Justin’s socks, and a hat for Robbie. But there were no dress socks. Knowing that school would be cold, I grabbed blue fleece socks. And found the missing shoes right next to my dresser. If only I had looked there first…

The day continued to get better as I arrived at school to find that there was no heat in our building. I spent the entire day teaching in my coat and gloves. But, never fear, my feet were toasty warm in their fleece socks.

On Mondays, I pick Rob and his buddy Pete up from daycare and then bring them home to play for awhile. In the past, the must-have toys have been the Swiffer and the broom. Tears have been shed over these items. To avoid such disasters, I put them up, sure that the boys would rather tear apart the Christmas tree. When we got home, I let the boys play while I straightened the living room. And then, sensing something incredible was going to happen, I looked up in time to see Pete dragging my Vac ‘n Steam from the dining room. He got it appropriately set up and started to push the vacuum back and forth. I was tempted to turn it on and see what the kid could do… And I just might do that next Monday. After all, he did a great job with the sweeping.


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