Music Man


This morning, Justin and I were sitting on the bed engaging in our usual witty early-morning conversation. All of a sudden, there was music playing. A nice Bruce Hornsby ballad, actually. It was as if we were living in a musical, where conversations burst into song mid-sentence. Startled, Justin and I looked around to find the source of the music: Robbie and my cell phone (which used to be Justin’s, explaining the Bruce Hornsby music selection). Robbie was sitting on the bed, phone up to his ear, rocking out to the easy-listening jam. It would have made the perfect video, but, well, Robbie had the phone…

Amused, Justin and I stopped talking and watched Robbie for a few minutes. Then, the song was over, and we went back to our conversation (obviously something very important that early in the morning). All of a sudden, there was more music. And it wasn’t coming from the phone. It was coming from Robbie. I don’t know if he was trying to mimic good ‘ol Bruce or trying to do a mash-up of easy-listening and Chinese opera, but he was getting a real kick out of himself.

Now, Justin and I have never heard Robbie sing. He actually has a sweet little voice, even if he doesn’t have any words… Apparently he practices his singing with Zhining most days. She practices her opera with the kids (it’s nice to have a built-in audience), and young QiQi often joins in (“big song” has two meanings – he sings loudly or he cries loudly).

In other news, the house is now as decorated for Christmas as it’s probably going to be. Except for the tree, which we’ll get on Sunday. And, thanks to some lovely candles, it smells like Christmas. Maybe I’ll have visions of sugar plums dancing in my head tonight… We can only hope…


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