I took Robbie on his first Christmas shopping extravaganza this afternoon. I have a few suggestions for the people at Kohl’s… Well, really just one. Fix the stupid shopping carts! I’m not sure if you’ve been to Kohl’s recently, but the child seats are in the front of the carts, lower than the handles, and facing out. This is extremely problematic.

Robbie got a kick out of facing front in a cart and seeing everything that was coming toward him. He was also a big fan of grabbing everything at his level. In case you’re wondering, that was most of the merchandise. The seats in the carts are on the same level of all the tables and shelves. I looked down at one point and saw four towels in my basket. And they did not match my bathroom decor… This got particularly nerve-wracking when we were near the china.

Luckily, we survived without any casualties. And Robbie did make some friends while we were there. He blew kisses at a group of employees who came to find him before we left to say good bye. I also got all of my shopping done for one person on my list and I got some goodies for my yet-to-be-determined Secret Santa at work.

And now I’ll sign off, hoping to sleep straight through the night without a 2:00 wake-up call (’cause that’s what happened last night…).


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