I’ve been waiting for this phase for quite some time, and I think it’s finally here. That’s right. It looks like Roberto is in the repeating phase. In the past, when I asked him to say a word, he just laughed and said, “Da” (is this as irritating to other mothers as it is to me?). It occurred to me that this must have changed when Zhining told me she was teaching QiQi to count. I nearly did a double-take. This kid just says ma, da, dog, cat, ball, light, and (how could we forget) hi. But, as usual, she proved me wrong. Zhining called out, “Yi” and my child looked up and called out, “Er”.

So, I figured I would try this out with Robbie over the course of the evening. We tried out car, cheese, and, much to Robbie’s delight, cookie. I’m sure he has no idea what they mean really. He just enjoyed the sounds. There’s one that I know he does understand. But it’s a strange one. One I’m not sure I should admit that my kid knows. He knows what sound a fish makes. How? Well, every night he feeds Jake the Fish (he figured out how to shake the food over the bowl awhile ago and has to feed Jake the Fish every night before he’ll go to bed).

Since we got Jake the Fish, I’ve been making fish noises whenever he eats. Partially because it entertains me and partially because Robbie gets so tickled. Tonight, when Jake the Fish grabbed a flake, Robbie looked at me and, with a huge grin on his face, yelled, “Gulp!” I have a feeling I’m going to have to watch what I say much more carefully.

And in other big boy news… I discovered that Robbie’s streak of independence has extended to the Halloween candy I thought was hidden. He came into the kitchen waving a Tootsie Roll pop. Since it was wrapped, I didn’t think much of it. Until he came back to show me that he’d gotten it unwrapped and he was enjoying it. I’m just not ready for this… Talking? Sneaking his own candy? Can I just have my baby back?


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