Robbie loves fish. More specifically, he loves HIS fish, Jake. Jake lives on Robbie’s dresser, and he is the first thing Robbie looks for when he wakes up. Last week, Robbie took a nap at his friend Pete’s house, and he looked everywhere for “fis” when he woke up. In the interest of full disclosure… It isn’t really Jake who lives on Robbie’s dresser. It’s Fake Jake. The real Jake met an untimely demise when we were in Kentucky for two weeks. I’m not sure if there was a lack of communication about the need for the fish to be fed or if it was just Jake’s time to go… So, we transferred DunKley, who was living in the kitchen and looks just like Jake, to Robbie’s room.

While we knew that Robbie loved his “fis”, we didn’t really know how much attention he paid. We wave to Jake every day, and Robbie has recently started blowing him kisses. Feeding Jake is always fun, since I make sound effects when Jake goes to get his food from the top of the water. Tonight, as we were putting Robbie to bed, we stopped by the dresser to say good night to Jake. Robbie yelled, “Fis!” and grabbed the jar of food. Unsure of what he was going to do, and a little shocked that he had grabbed the food so quickly, neither Justin or I took it from him.

Robbie turned the jar upside down and shook it over Jake’s bowl! He’s been watching me closely enough to know that I use that particular jar. I took the jar from Robbie and opened it for him, and he fed Jake! I’m not sure who was more tickled – Robbie or Justin and me.

Now, if only I could get him to take a legitimate interest in cleaning the litter box…


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