A New Gait


I’m not sure when or why it happened, but Robbie’s gait has changed. I noticed it this afternoon when we got home. Robbie got out of the car and took off down the sidewalk. He didn’t stop when he got to our house; he kept on running down the street. I have a feeling that walks around the block aren’t going to take an hour anymore, unless Robbie still stops to pick up every single leaf.

It’s like he’s gained a new confidence. He’s not shuffling around, unsure of his footing. Now, he’s sure of what he’s doing; he just wants to do it so much faster. So he is running everywhere. Down the street. Around the kitchen. Through the dining room. And back to the living room. The only way I know where he is is by the clomping of his little baby shoes. And then he pops his head around with a loud, “Hi!”

In other news… We’ve thought Robbie has had eczema. It’s spread to different parts around his body, and I’d love to get rid of it. The doctor recommended a hydrocortisone cream. Do any of you have suggestions? Or an idea about how long it should take for this to clear up?

Here’s hoping for a more exciting entry tomorrow!


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