A Walk in the Park


Today was all about family time. It’s the first day Justin, Robbie, and I have had to spend together without any other commitments in weeks. And you know what? It was nice to have time just to catch up.

In the morning, we took a long drive to nowhere, seeing where The Great Road went. Turns out it goes to 495 and there are very few Dunkin Donuts once you get past Bedford. I’m still not entirely sure I get the whole “going for a drive” thing, but Justin really likes it. And Robbie and Barkley didn’t seem to mind.

This afternoon, we all took a walk to the park. At the playground, new signs had gone up saying unleashed doges were not allowed in the area. A seven-year-old yelled at us for having a dog. I guess he couldn’t sound out “unleashed”. For some reason, Robbie wasn’t digging the swings. Or the monkey bars (he usually hangs on and laughs). Or the slide. Especially the curling slide, either time Justin tried to put him on there. He was, fortunately, happy to sit in his stroller for 4.5 miles.

In a move signaling a further desire for independence, Robbie refused to eat ice cream Justin spooned for him this afternoon. The little prince would only eat ice cream he got out of the container himself with his own spoon. I have a feeling this kid’s going to have a stubborn streak in him. I wonder which side that came from…

A girlfriend and I went to the So You Think You Can Dance performance tonight. A.Mah.Zing. I so wish I could dance. But I’ll settle for the killer parking spot we got. Metered. Right outside the doors of the arena. Also qualifying as amahzing – just without the punctuation.

And now it’s late. Way past my bedtime. I was going to get up to run at 5:00 tomorrow morning, but that just won’t be happening. Instead, Robbie will have to suffer through the gym with me and cleaning the house will have to wait. I’ve decided to do a total organization of the house, since I feel like I’m drowning in stuff. But, more on that tomorrow when I’m less tired. Well, hopefully less tired. For now, I’ll leave you with a video of Robbie.

Oh, and in exciting news, I passed the 3000 page views for the blog today! Who would have thought people would want to read what I write? Pretty awesome! Thanks for reading! http://www.youtube.com/get_player


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