Breathe In…


And I’ve survived another week. Made it all the way to 3:07 on Friday afternoon. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love my job; I have some amazing students. But, God, Friday feels great. Especially when I know I have a clean house, a rainy night, and a husband who is out of town for the weekend. All I wanted was to get home and enjoy the quiet. And here I sit, perfectly content as the rain pounds on the newly replaced roof.

I love having a Friday night with time to just breathe. We spend so much time trying to fit everything in, and last weekend was such a whirlwind. Justin hasn’t been out of town for an extended period since July. I’m excited to only have to clean up after myself and watch what I want and not have to talk after Robbie goes to bed.

Believe it or not, I’m very much an introvert. Teaching all day wears me out, especially now. I’m on my feet and working with kids more than I think I ever have. I love it, but I need time at the end of the day to recover. I think that surprises a lot of people, since I play the part of an extrovert very well. And on that introverted note, I’m going to sign off.

But just one more thing… A special hello to Jasmine and Cristina, students of mine who have apparently become devoted but disappointed readers. Only disappointed because they haven’t been mentioned. But the world should know that they are fabulous!


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