Bath Time Blunders


It had to happen. After all, before now, it had only happened once. About a year ago. Until tonight.

Robbie was playing in the tub tonight, blowing bubbles with his bottom and looking at me, laughing. And I contentedly read while he played. Until it was time to wash him, when I noticed the water looked a little yellow. And much thicker than it should. It took a little while for me to really see through the toys and bubbles. But boy did I see it. Everywhere. Diarrhea.

I’m sure my eyes about popped out of my head, and I looked up at Robbie. He met my eye and burst out laughing. And tried to shove a toy in his mouth. A disgusting, diarrhea-tub toy. Which I yanked from his hands and threw out of the tub. Along with all the other toys, which are now soaking in a Clorox filled tub, hopefully disinfecting.

I’m not sure why my first thought was to grab the toys and not the child, but that’s what I did. Maybe because if I’d grabbed the child first, the toys would have sat in the water, gathering nastiness. So, yes, Robbie sat in the tub and extra 90 seconds. That also bought me some time to decide what to do with Robbie. Obviously, I couldn’t just rinse him in the tub. That would need to be thoroughly disinfected. The kitchen didn’t feel like a great option, but it was the only one I had.

So, the dripping child and I made a dash for the kitchen. Robbie hasn’t taken a bath in the sink for months, but he was much better at it now than he was eight months ago. Probably because he was so shocked to be in a new place. So, hopefully Johnson & Johnson’s bubble bath got him appropriately cleaned.

And to think… All this happened when he’d already had “two big poopies” at daycare. Is there ever a safe time to bathe?


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