A Tragedy…


Well, maybe “tragedy” is being a little dramatic. I suppose it’s really just more unfortunate. But, no matter how you look at it, my cell phone met its match in one Robert Gaetano yesterday afternoon. Remember how nice it was to have Robbie involved in the grocery shopping? Well, before he got really involved, I made the mistake of keeping him occupied with my cell phone, may it rest in peace.

I first noticed there was a problem when the outer light wouldn’t go off. And then I heard static coming from the phone. I knew at this point there was a real problem. Especially because the static kept going even after I turned the phone off… And when I turned it back on? No picture for a few minutes. Finally, a few hours after we got home, I heard a creepy beeping. My phone breathed it’s last breath.

It’s currently in a bag of rice on my counter. Not sure why it’s in rice, but my sister is the resident cell phone expert. She said put it in rice, so that’s what I did as soon as I got home. Of course I hadn’t sent myself any of the videos I kept on the phone. Like Robbie’s first steps. So I’m still holding out hope that there might be a resurrection of sorts on my counter later tonight.

Other exciting events in the Manna household today include the onset of the first cold of the season. Yup. Rob woke up with a face covered in snot this morning. Lovely. So glad he’s back in daycare… Maybe this makes me a bad mom, but I cannot stand the sound of the kid when he is all stopped up. It just makes my skin crawl. I will be so glad when he can finally blow his own nose, especially because he grabs the tissue and shoves it in his mouth when I try to wipe his nose for him. It’s moderately disgusting. And could someone please tell me why all those medical geniuses haven’t invented a medication for children under two with coughs and colds? Could someone please organize a 5K to fund research for that? I’d be the first to sign up!


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