Sneak Attack


I pulled the ultimate parental sneak attack tonight. Actually, it was a sneak out. I’m not proud to admit it. Scratch that. It was amazing. Some of my best parental and spousal work. But let me start at the beginning…

Justin and I agreed yesterday that I would clean the house if he did the laundry. I was supposed to clean the house last night but was too tired. So I planned to do it today between the 5K (best time yet – 38:34!) and a baby shower. Then I had the opportunity to go to Target with a girlfriend, which trumped cleaning house. I postponed cleaning to after the shower and before dinner, while Justin and Robbie were already at our friends’ house. But dinner was ready early. This brings us to 7:45 this evening.

I knew I needed to leave in order to get home and clean the house, but I didn’t want to be responsible for taking Robbie home. It would have required a bath, stories, and crying. This would not help me get the house cleaned. Robbie was sleeping in the guest bedroom, and out of Justin’s sight and mind. After all, football was on. So, I did what any good wife would do. I kissed my husband goodbye and told him I was leaving to go home and clean. And slipped out the door without asking if he minded bringing Robbie home.

Apparently, about five minutes after I left, Justin asked, “Is my son still here?” and nodded and went back to the game when he found out I had indeed left the sleeping child. It was a much better reaction than I expected. No irritation. Just acceptance that I needed some time to myself to get the house clean and enjoy the quiet. And you know what? I did clean the house. I cleaned the hell out of it. I dusted and mopped. I organized the new bins I bought for the bathroom. I cleaned the litter box and changed the loads of laundry over. I put away toys and sorted through junk mail. And I finished just as Justin and Robbie walked through the door. The first thing Justin said? “Wow! The house smells really clean.” Music to my ears and totally worth the brief moment of guilt I felt for leaving my child without telling my husband he was in charge.

Don’t judge! You know you would have done the same thing. Except you might not have actually cleaned. Trust me, I know. The couch looked really tempting… But now I know I can enjoy it tomorrow without being concerned about all the chores I put off for a third day.


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