Walking on Water


Today, Robbie walked! I mean, he really, really walked! At the pool. In the water. But, still… He walked! Robbie’s taken a few steps here and there, both in and out of water. Today was different, though.

Robbie and I practiced blowing bubbles at the pool. Really, Robbie just stuck his face in the water, pulled it out, and clapped for himself. While we were doing this, he watched other kids playing in the pool. Without holding on to their moms.

He started taking more steps toward me as I moved further from the wall where he was standing. Then, all of a sudden, he took off through the middle of the pool! I was sitting down, and totally unprepared for this. It was all I could do to get to him before he tripped. He went under a few times, but was undaunted. Until he suddenly realized what incredible feat he had accomplished. And then he screamed and refused to go back in the water. Of course, it probably didn’t help that he was hungry and hadn’t napped all day.

I apologize for the short blog, but it’s been a long day. And I’ve had a lot of wine. Robbie is spending the night with Justin’s mom, and I relished the experience a little too much!


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