Before Robbie was born, I went home maybe twice a year. My family came up to visit once or twice a year. And I was fine with that. I pitied people who felt the need to move back to Kentucky. I would never leave Boston to come back. And then I had a baby. And all I want is to move back home.

It has been so nice to have family around for the past two days. There are people to run errands with. There is someone to take Robbie when I need to spend an hour at Verizon and don’t want to entertain him. There are dinners to linger over, telling stories from when we were little.

I know the grass is always greener, but… It drives me bonkers to listen to moms complain about how smothering their families can be. I’m sure that can be frustrating, but imagine all of the things you take for granted with your family close by. I bet your kids sometimes spend the night over there, and you can relish the quiet in your house. I bet your parents or siblings or in-laws babysit occassionally, saving you hundreds of dollars a year and allowing you to run errands or have dinner or go to that one really important social event.

Now, I can’t imagine how frustrating it is if relatives dropped by unannounced. Or if they want your kids every weekend (be honest, do you really mind?). But imagine a life with your child every day. Particularly if your husband travels. And you have summers off. For me, I think it just might be worth the trade-off of unannounced visits. At least I would have incentive to keep my house clean!


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  1. I think the SAME THING all the time! I do love having my sisters 2 hours away and my parents are about 5 – but my husband had to quit his job because we couldn't put Fisher in daycare and I have thought a million times that people that live in their home towns with lots of family around to help don't realize how lucky they are.

  2. Tricia – I wish we could! Movinng closer is on the agenda, but we have to wait for Justin to finish grad school… So, sometime in the next year or two. Fingers crossed! Erin – I didn't realize Shawn stayed home with Fisher. He must be a far more patient person than I am; I'm so ready to go back to work!

  3. I've lived both. We were home with my first baby for her first two years and then we moved away. I sure miss being home. The hardest was when I had my second baby this spring. I really needed my family and friends but everyone was in Kentucky. We should be moving "home" in three years and I cannot wait.

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