Shoveling Sand


This afternoon Robbie and I took a walk to the reservoir, where he spent a great deal of time shoveling sand. And, for the first time, I am proud to announce that he did not shovel sand into his mouth! That’s right, ladies and gentlemen, Robbie has figured out how to use a shovel! I wish I’d had a camera with me. Watching Robbie figure out how to dig the sand and put it in his bucket was priceless. He sat there, putting small bits of sand into his bucket, for at least twenty minutes. This lasted so long because he cued me to clap every time he put something in the bucket. I could have watched him do this for hours. To think he used to just lie there and do nothing. And now he can use a shovel? Are you kidding me?

Robbie has started to realize when he learns new things, which is almost as fun to watch as the new things he’s doing. When he takes a few steps to me in the water, he screams with glee. Like he’s done something no other kid has ever done. It’s probably a good thing he doesn’t know his buddy Pete is running laps around his house. That might do something to deflate him. He’s also started to realize items that are off-limits for him, particularly coins and rocks. I rarely have to grab these from his mouth anymore; instead, he brings them to me like they are treasures. Any man who wants to bring me money, even pennies, ranks high on my list!

I think I’ve found the key to surviving summer days with Robbie: walking. We’ve started walking everywhere. It started ten days ago with a 3.5 mile walk to and from a yard sale (remember that incredible pleather recliner purchase?). I’ve found that I like this better than going to the gym where I can’t really interact with him, even though we’re in the same room. On walks, I get to tell Robbie the name of everything that he points to, and he gets to see trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles with sirens and lights. I do not, however, really enjoy walking for the sake of walking. That’s why we went to the yard sale; I needed a destination.

Today, Roberto and I logged 6.2 miles on the stroller – my first 10k! We first walked 1.8 miles to the reservoir, where we “swam” for an hour and a half. After Robbie tired of shoveling sand and stirring the water, it was time to move on. We walked 1.3 miles to Wilson Farm to pick up our favorite summer dinner, chicken salad and Caesar salad, and then headed the 3.1 miles home. My entire body is killing me. I had no idea the amount of abdominal strength it took to push a stroller with a 22.5 pound child in it. Incidentally, Robbie slept for 2 of the miles and arrived home raring to go…

For those who have known me a while, you understand that walking 6.2 miles is a feat for me. For those of you who don’t, let me explain. Since Robbie was born, I have lost 65 pounds (or, for those of us who need more concrete examples, nearly three Robbies). Only 35 of that was baby weight! Sadly, my pregnancy weight was only five pounds more than my all-time high. So, these 65 pounds are very significant for me. It’s amazing what they’ve done for my self-esteem. I don’t cringe when I walk past those huge store windows — you know, the ones that emphasize every flaw? I don’t really mind trying on clothes. And, the biggest change? I wear shorts now.

I still have a ways (weighs!) to go… Another 35 pounds will put me at losing an even 100. Then I’ll really feel like I’ve accomplished something. And so I’ll keep finding destinations for Robbie and myself. And stroll myself right out of those last 35 pounds.


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