We know all of the big milestones babies make and furiously write them down in baby books. Or promise ourselves that we’ll remember to write them in baby books – and then forget. The first time he slept through the night. The first time he smiled (of course that wasn’t gas!). The first time he rolled over. The first time he held his own bottle and slept on his belly (these happened to fall on the same cold, February day in Kentucky). His first tooth and first word. The first time he crawled. The first time he pulled up. The first time he stood on his own. You see where I’m going with this…

But what about the less important accomplishments? Tonight I marveled at Robbie as he sucked his water through a straw. Can you believe it? My genius child figured out how to get the water to his mouth from a straw! And he looked like a pro. Like he’d been doing it for weeks. But there isn’t anywhere in Robbie’s baby book to write about that (well, from what I can remember when I looked through it before Robbie was born). In a few months, I’ll take this new skill for granted and it will no longer be a magical feat.

Robbie has also figured out how to sit in a mini-recliner. That was our big yard sale purchase yesterday (a very well-spent $2 if you ask me, although Justin has yet to see the red pleather chair in our living room). I looked over and he was sitting cross-legged, arms resting on the chair, staring off at the TV. He looked like this cool guy hanging out watching football. Except he was watching Baby Wildcat, propaganda we’re using to brainwash Robbie into attending UK. Soon, he’ll be throwing himself onto regular-sized furniture, and I’ll be irritated at how he does it. But for today, I’ll marvel at the fact that he figured out how to sit in his own chair. Granted, learning how wasn’t a smooth trip. It involved climbing from the chair onto the coffee table. And there was the sitting-backwards-in-the-chair-and-falling-off incident… But he’s finally hit the half-milestone of sitting in his own recliner. I think I’ll be adding a page to that elusive baby book. Now if only I could find it…


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